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Our work is not yet done!

Stacy Anne Arias is and has always been devoted to the people. That’s what being a Political Candidate is all about. After years of experience working in NGOs and NPOs to make a positive change in the lives of families throughout the county, Stacy Anne Arias is now taking it back to politics. It’s this intense dedication, passion, and devotion that fuels her fight for change. Explore the site to learn more about the issues that Stacy Anne Arias is concerned with, her plan to tackle the problems and ways you can join the cause.



I grew up overseas with a family with an extensive and proud military background. My father served over 20 years in the Air Force, and his father before him was a member of the US Army that fought for us to enjoy the liberty and freedom that we as Americans enjoy daily. My father bestowed a strong sense of patriotism onto his family, as once my brother turned 18 he immediately decided to follow in the footsteps of my father and joined the Air-Force. 

When I returned stateside in 1989, I began work as a youth pastor for a local church. Soon, we formed a street ministry comprised of young people ready to serve, minister, and care for those that were hurting.

In 2000, my family and I relocated to Plano, Texas. Collin County is where we began to lay down our roots. Our children grew and flourished in the Frisco ISD, and I soon found my way to Collin College.  

As a student, I was extremely active. As a contributor to the Student Government Association, we saw the organization into fruition and gave it the strength to have survived 17 years later. I also was a leader in Phi Theta Kappa, an honor society. Bacchus and Gamma, the Student Civic Engagement Team, Student Leadership Academy, and so much more. I led the state initiative “Rock The Vote” on our campuses and facilitated training statewide for Texas Campus Compact. This was just with the college. I also was active in my community.

My experience also includes serving on the Board of CASA of Collin County,  Collin County Council on Family Violence, Texas Council on Family Violence, and a member of the Coalition of Victim Advocates. I have also served as a board member for El Puente de Celina and Fuego y Alma. 

In 2004, I became the first graduate to ever sit on the Board of Trustees of Collin College. I was honored to serve the citizens of Collin County and the students of Collin College.

My engagement grew with being a member of several Board committees, Campus, Facilities and Construction, Budget and Finance, and I was named the Chair of the Organization, Education, and Policy Committee where I was a leader in creating the Collin Higher Education Center. This center houses major university partners and allows for Collin citizens to obtain undergraduate and graduate degrees without leaving the county. 

I also served as a Board liaison to the Center for Scholarly and Civic Engagement. With my strong leadership and push for civic engagement, the district was the proud recipient of the Carnegie Foundation’s Designation for Civic Excellence in 2010.

Recommended by Mayor Jim Lewis, of Celina, I became a President of the Economic Development Corporation Board, as well as, being named the Chair of the Buildings and Standards Commission. I also led an initiative which created multiple scholarship opportunities for Celina ISD students. 

 I have put my educational knowledge into creating AriaEd Educational Consulting, LLC. My experience from teaching primary through higher education, in addition to my Collin experience, has given me the knowledge base of what Texans are doing right, also besides, to where we can improve within the classroom. Creating unique partnerships and alternative programming is a strength that I bring to K-12 institutions, as well as, colleges that are goal tasked in elevating learning opportunities for the students. 

I come back to Collin College impassioned and knowledgeable on the changing needs of education. I can see collaborative approaches to developing a viable workforce while being a strong steward of tax dollars. I am innovative in thought in ways that move us beyond expectation. I work toward consensus, and I engage all Board members in working toward the greater good through fostering individual skill sets to create a unique vision for the District.  I have Cougar Pride always!


Thank you for your support and your vote.  -Stacy Anne




What Are We Missing?


"We are missing the human side of our students. The struggle to put food on the table. Their inability to pay rent or buy groceries. The borrowing to pay for a class and a textbook. We also see a lack of mental health support. Many of our students drop because of these factors that affect their lives. I want to partner with my Collin colleagues to explore ways to eliminate the challenges that hinder some students' ability to finish their degrees."


Collaboration In Improving Student Outcomes

"Working in education as a Board member, teacher, and consultant, I have seen the gaps. We work as silos in how we approach improved student outcomes. Creating a unified approach locally and at the state level, ISD Trustees and Collin Trustees can begin to forge collaborative programming to diminish the amount of remediation in our state. ISDs and Collin are all taxing entities. We should be working together for our communities to end the struggle and empower our students with a solid education and marketable skills. Creating a committee comprised of ISD and Collin Trustees to explore how we can better work together would be my priority. 60% of Texas students require remediation. This is a staggering amount.  We need to unite!"


Degree to Employment: The New Pathway

"Creating the student of tomorrow, and a globally competitive worker will take a unique vision. Nearly all the jobs of the future revolve around technology. Collin's program needs to innovate in focus, as well as, delivery. Having major employers, such as Baylor Medical Center, Medical City of Plano, and  Medical City of McKinney, as well as, companies like McAfee and Toyota, great partnerships can be created by working together to develop degree specific to their needs. My goal is to create degrees that encompass core academics, certifications, and other needs determined by industry. STEM courses combined with skills in group dynamics, leadership, and effective communication can be a game changer. In the past, there was immediate job mobility upon graduation. That no longer exists. We also have issues with student loan debt. By fine-tuning the structure of the degree, along with the needs of the state's major corporations, we will see that statistics turn around."


The Student Loan Dilemma!

"I understand the challenge in balancing college, job, and family. While attending college, I also worked a full-time job and raised two children. Our family did not have the money to pay for my tuition. I was dependent on scholarships and financial aid to offset the exorbitant cost of higher education. I have made it my focus to assist students in achieving their dreams by fighting for the lowest tuition in the state of Texas, while personally funding numerous scholarships all over the county. I also led a task force on exploring ways to offset textbook costs to students.  Through this Board initiative, we saw faculty use textbooks for longer periods, as well as, use faculty published material at a lower cost."




February 11, 2019


What Is Being Said About Stacy's Leadership:

"Stacy Anne Arias possesses the skillset that exemplifies a tremendous leader. While colleagues  on the Board of Trustees of Collin College, I personally experienced her immense passion and tremendous drive for an innovative approach to education. She is skilled in many areas of building consensus, visioning, and decision-making for the betterment of the county. Stacy Anne Arias has my complete confidence and vote."

-Adrian Rodriguez (Trustee, Collin College Board of Trustees)

"I have had the privilege of working with Stacy Arias on education programs and activities in Frisco over the past few years. She understands the importance of meeting the workforce needs of our business community through creative, high-quality educational solutions. Stacy is an innovative thinker who identifies and implements creative solutions to meet the individual needs of the students and organizations she works with. I am confident that Stacy will add value to the Collin College Board of Trustees and serve the students, faculty, staff, college partners, and taxpayers well in this capacity."

- Sheacy Thompson (Public Relations for Leadership Prep)

"I have had the pleasure of knowing Stacy for over ten years. We have worked in conjunction on several projects, both with the Celina Economic Development board and previously her position on the Collin College Board. What I can say is that she is one of the most driven, caring, hard working. Genuine and smartest women I have ever worked with. Her passion for education is one of the strongest I have seen. She wants all students, from any background, to have the opportunity to grow and become the best they can be. This is why I am supporting her for the position for Collin College Board of Trustees. We need someone who can get the job done, and Celina needs that."


- Bill Webber (Celina City Council Member)

"Stacy Arias demonstrates a commitment to excellence and cost-effectiveness. She has proven leadership in the development of quality educational programs that prepare students for success, as well as, a passion for community engagement and involvement. A true advocate for the students, taxpayers, businesses, ISD’s, cities, organizations, and citizens of Collin County."


-Cary A. Israel (Former Collin College President)

"I had the great honor of working with Stacy Arias in youth ministry in Lubbock, Texas. I’ve known Stacy for over 25 years, and she’s always been a leader. Whether that be working in the community or her work in education, she has remained a tremendous and caring leader. I highly recommend her for all of her excellence in all she does, and she has my full endorsement! 


-Chuck Forrest (McKinney Resident)

"I have known Stacy for over 15 years. She is a strong advocate for Collin College and higher education. Stacy understands the challenges that today's college students face. Her knowledge of the issues, and ability to advocate for Collin College will insure that our student's get the necessary skills for a successful future."


-Gary Stocker (Allen Resident, Former Allen ISD Trustee)

"If you aren't prepared to go support female candidates, especially for the college board, go jump in a lake. Stacy Anne Arias for Collin College Board of Trustees!!!!"

-Stacey Donald (Trustee, Collin College Board of Trustees)

"Stacy Anne Arias is the only candidate that thinks about the kids"

-Steve Terrell (Mayor of Allen)

Every graduation brought so many emotion


January 16, 2019

The Arias Campaign is off to an awesome start. Stay connected to the campaign through scheduling an opportunity to visit with Stacy. She loves to meet with the voters to educate on issues Collin is facing, as well as, sharing her innovative vision for the District.